The summer car maintenance checklist

Car maintenance and regular checks of your vehicle are vital whatever the time of year. As an experienced mobile mechanic in Leicester, we know that wintry weather isn’t great to drive in and cold temperatures can lead to all sorts of car issues, such as a flat battery and engine problems.

But did you know that your car needs to be just as ready to drive in the soaring temperatures of summer as it does in the winter? Longer journeys tend to happen in the summer months, what with road trips, holidays and beach days taking place – and excessively hot temperatures can affect the way your car runs too. This is why it’s just as important to keep up with summer car maintenance, to prevent problems before they occur, as it is at other times.

Regular car maintenance not only reduces the risk of a breakdown (the last thing you want on a hot summer day trip), but, by keeping up to date with jobs such as topping up your fluid levels, regularly checking your tyres and carrying out other maintenance checks, you’ll stand every chance of stopping a minor problem from becoming an expensive major one.

In the summer months the temperatures and the roads are quite different from the rest of the year, which means new problems appear and all sorts of things need to be checked before you drive.

For example, in hot weather, you may more heavily rely on your air conditioning and your car will need the cooling system and electric cooling fan to stop the engine from overheating.

Your maintenance checklist

Before you hit the road, here is a handy summer car maintenance checklist of things to check are in good working order:

  • Check coolant levels while the engine is cold and help prevent overheating in the summer months.
  • Check your brakes – are they working the way they should?
  • Check water and washer fluid levels are topped up and wiper blades are doing their job.
  • Fan belt – is this due a change?
  • Air filter – is it up to handling all the pollen and dust that is thrown up in the summer?
  • Air conditioning system – a must have on hot days.
  • Have an oil change – to ensure everything under the bonnet keeps running smoothly.
  • Inspect your battery for signs of wear and tear.
  • Check tyres – are they at the right pressure or is the pressure dropping quicker than normal? This could indicate a slow puncture.
  • Inspect the tyres to ensure they are achieving the correct legal tread depth – at least 1.6mm.
  • Look out for any bulges in your tyres or any other signs that they might need replacing.
  • Practise changing the spare wheel.

And, before you go on any long summer trips, ensure you are properly kitted out with the essentials if your car does break down – eg extra engine oil, fuel, windscreen wash and water, snacks, first aid kit, torch, working mobile phone etc.