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Car Servicing


Car servicing is essential in keeping your car in the best condition possible, prolonging its life and ensuring a safe overall vehicle is on the road. But, when you have a hectic home life, or a busy work schedule to contend with, a car service is not always the most convenient thing to fit in. That’s why our car servicing is your best option.

While a good car service will ensure that your vehicle remains fuel efficient and lower the risk of a breakdown, you may not have the time to get to a garage and wait while it’s done. So, you will be pleased to hear that help is at hand with our mobile or collection/delivery service. This means no waiting around for you while the car service checks and assessments are carried out, allowing you to get on with your life, or even put your feet up while we do it.


Servicing your vehicle to a 50 point car service schedule

A replacement set of Spark plugs (if petrol)**

A new oil filter and engine oil

A detailed report of the work carried out

A Full Guarantee of all car repairs carried out

A replacement Air Filter, Fuel Filter, and Pollen Filter**

A thorough inspection of the vehicle

All Parts and labour

At a small extra charge we can Clean the contamination from your vehicle’s fuel and oil system using Forte products, to ensure that it runs more efficiently. Please ask for more information.

Engine Flush

An engine flush is an aftermarket chemical additive designed to clean accumulated deposits, sludge and other gunk from your engine. … It mixes with the oil and circulates through the engine, helping dissolve sludge and clean deposits.
Brake Fluid Change
Over time, your car’s brake fluid absorbs water content which can lead to brake failure. Vehicle manufacturers recommend that you change your brake fluid every two years so that your brakes work to their optimum performance.
Wheel Alignment
Wheel alignment can help your tyres perform properly and help them last longer. It can also improve handling and keep your vehicle from pulling in one direction or vibrating strangely on the road.
Diesel Treatment

Depending on if you are looking for better fuel economy or more power, Diesel Treatment can help your diesel engine run smoother & healthier.


Difficulty starting, loss of power and increased fuel consumption are mostly due to engine clogging. The combustion inside the engine is responsible for the accumulation of soot deposits in the cylinders, pistons, DPF, EGR, and the turbo. When clogged these parts quickly prevent the engine from operating normally. We can carry out a Hydroclean on your engine by injecting hydrogen into the airtake of your engine, the carbon cleaning is done delicately and thoroughly and after your engine will return to its original performance.