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An Engine Control Unit (ECU) is an electronic component, normally based around a single chip microprocessor housed within the vehicle. The ECU in the vast majority of modern vehicles has one fundamental function; to control basic engine operations; including (but not limited to) fuel mixture, ignition timing and engine idle speed.

Our skilled mechanics offer ECU remapping across Leicester, ECU remapping across Loughborough, Nottingham, Engine tuning in Melton, and the surrounding towns and villages from as little as £199.

Mass production for global markets has left the vast majority of ECU maps standardised, which has subsequently resulted in vehicle performance statistics often being set at an average level in order to meet basic manufacturing requirements. More and more people are seeing the benefits of engine remapping, as well as DPF removal.

In the UK, where road surfaces and service quality are generally good, ECU remapping gives us the opportunity to modify engine function, eliminating restrictive elements and removing many of the standardised limitations enforced by manufacturers, maximising your vehicle’s performance. Through engine remapping of both petrol and diesel engines we can:

  • Improve Fuel Economy (MPG)
  • Increase Engine Power
  • Move Engine Power & Torque bands to more usable positions.
  • Adjust fuel and air mixture ratio
  • Maximise turbo boost
  • Increase Engine Torque
  • Eradicate turbo limiters
  • Improve ignition timing
  • Increase valve control

DPF Removal

A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is an essential device, fitted to most modern diesel engines. Its primary function is to remove dirt, impurities and other particles from the exhaust gas of diesel engines. For the most part, filtration is successfully carried out in order to abide by various global carbon emission standards.

The molecular structure of diesel denotes that there are more combustion by products inside the exhaust gases of diesel than contained in petrol combustion. The DPF is built into most modern conventional diesel engine exhaust pipes to catch these excess by product particles.

So, why remove it? Firstly, there is little doubt that DPF removal significantly increases engine performance. As exhaust pressure on your engine is reduced, the engine can begin to function under less strain, requiring less power and fuel.

Advanced Tuning Logo Secondly, DPF removal eradicates the worry of regeneration or filtration failure, which can be very costly. If a blockage develops in the DPF, which can cost in excess of £3000 to fix, it will stop it performing to its required level and the performance of the vehicle begins to suffer. This will increase exhaust pressure, forcing the engine to work harder in order to fight against the restricted flow, resulting in decreasing fuel efficiency, loss of engine power and eventually complete engine failure.

DPF failure is often unavoidable and can be caused by engine malfunction, sensor failure or incorrect fuel. A DPF removal works in combination with a thorough ECU remapping to completely maximise overall vehicle performance and efficiency through improved fuel economy and engine power.

ECU Remapping and DPF Removal with The Mobile Garage People

The reliable team at The Mobile Garage People have over 20 years’ experience and are specialists in ECU remapping, engine tuningand DPF removal. Working in and the east midlands, we also offer a free collection and delivery service, which eradicates all the hassle and inconvenience associated with car repairs.

From just £199, we can increase the performance of your vehicle; maximising fuel efficiency and engine power. Call The Mobile Garage People FREE today on 0800 859 5306 to discuss the most cost effective solution for you

To find out more about our mobile mechanic service and how you can benefit from hassle free repairs including towbars, please contact us here

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