ECU remapping Melton Mowbray

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The engine control unit (ECU) in a car is an electronic component which controls the basic engine functions such as ignition timing and engine idle speed. The settings for it are a global standard set by vehicle manufacturers to ensure the car can be driven on roads all over the world.

Given the quality of UK roads, these average settings can be unnecessary and this is where performance tuning and superchips have become a popular option for British car enthusiasts.

When you take your vehicle for an ECU remap, it doesn’t only mean that your car will be re-tuned to give you greater power, but this kind of engine tuning can also save you on fuel economy too.

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What we can do for your car

There are many benefits to ECU programming, as well as power and fuel economy, these include increased valve control and engine torque, improved ignition timing and maximised turbo boost, all of which can give you an all-round better driving experience.

When you bring your car in for ECU tuning at The Mobile Garage People, you’ll also be making the most of more than 20 years of experience that our mechanics have under their belts and we will even collect your car and drop it off for free once the engine remap is done.

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The minute you have your car back you will be able to see straight away why people look to use performance chips for cars, as it will feel like you are driving a different vehicle altogether.

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With prices for remapping starting from £199, you can bring your car to us and discover more about what it is capable of, while saving yourself money in fuel at the same time.

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